15% households with school aged children without internet access       39% of Aucklanders born overseas       82% of 18 year olds have NCEA Level 2       22% unemployment for 15-24 year olds       94.6% attend pre-school       1 in 4 children in poverty       79% pass NCEA Literacy in Yr 11       76% at or above national reading standards starting high school

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Submission to the Government ECE Taskforce
Published Date: 28 January 2011
Article Code : 039
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Submission to Select Committee Auckland Governance Bill 3 (February 2010)
Published Date: 11 February 2010
Article Code : 031
This submission to the third Bill on Auckland Governance refers to the Social Policy Forum as an important nexus between local and central government strategic directions; and notes the relevance of a CCO for social issues. 
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Submission to Manukau City Council LTCCP 2009 (May 2009)
Published Date:
Article Code : 026

The submission calls for structures that ensure that education and skill needs are considered in future planning


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Submission to proposal from Clover Park Middle School (July 2008)
Published Date:
Article Code : 020

COMET RECOMMENDS to the Minister that legislation be amended to provide a mechanism for network decision-making that encourages schools and the wider community to work together to provide for their future, shape quality provision, and sustainably meet emerging community needs across all schools in a local network. 
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Response to the Schools Plus Discussion document (May 2008)
Published Date: May 2008
Article Code : 019

This document responds to the call from government for feedback on the Schools Plus strategy. It makes eleven recommendations that take a broad approach to achieving the strategy goal.

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Submission to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance (May 2008)
Published Date: May 2008
Article Code : 018

COMET Recommendation: Any changes to regional governance have to enhance the engagement of the people of Auckland in education, and strengthen the linkages between local education institutions and local government strategic goals. A criterion for assessing structures for governance in Auckland must be: how will it deliver on the vision for an educated and knowledgeable people?

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Submission to MCC proposal to establish a CCO for a tertiary education campus (January 2008)
Published Date: January 2008
Article Code : 017

This submission was prepared in response to the proposal to develop a Council Controlled Organisation with the specific purpose of establishing a tertiary campus in Manukau (as required under the Local Government Act 2002).

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