15% households with school aged children without internet access       39% of Aucklanders born overseas       82% of 18 year olds have NCEA Level 2       22% unemployment for 15-24 year olds       94.6% attend pre-school       1 in 4 children in poverty       79% pass NCEA Literacy in Yr 11       76% at or above national reading standards starting high school

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 A campaign to get us talking more and differently with babies and young children


Talking Matters is a community-wide initiative, bringing together education, health and social services with whānau to promote the importance of talking more and talking differently with children, to maximise their potential. Talking is particularly important when children's brains are forming – in the first three years, so our focus is families with infants and toddlers. 

The Talking Matters campaign is a call to action because oral language in the early years is an equity issue. Some children in Auckland are starting school with the oral language we would normally expect of three-year-olds. That disadvantage is a significant contributor to the achievement gap between our poorer and more affluent children. The majority of children with low oral language live in low-socio economic communities. 

Everybody can be part of Talking Matters - Find out more on the Talking Matters website and follow us on Facebook.


May 2018 - NEXT Foundation has announced it is extending its investment in Talking Matters, a COMET campaign promoting the importance of rich language and interaction with babies and young children.The commitment, following 18 months’ of seed funding in 2016, makes Talking Matters a key part of NEXT’s education investment in the First 1000 Days of life. NEXT CEO Bill Kermode says they’re delighted to renew support for Talking Matters.


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