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The Power of Talanoa

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August 2018 - Our Talking Matters community manager Emma Quigan had the pleasure of attending the premiere of Le Malelega a le To'elau's video about the power of Talanoa.

The video looks at how the Samoan ECE uses the Talanoa Ato or Kete (Basket) to spark conversations between children and their aiga at home.

Emma Quigan says it was exciting to see people sharing their project on the big screen. 

"After watching the video (with popcorn, of course) we talked about why including young children in Talanoa is so valuable," she says.  

We also discussed some of the barriers such as getting distracted by technology and the business of life leaving us with depleted energy."

The Talanoa basket includes a notebook where parents and children can record what they've been talking about during their serve-and-return conversations at home. 

Parents explained that one of the most useful aspects of the Talanoa basket was being able to read what other parents did to have reciprocal conversations with their kids.

"I read how one of the others included their kid with the cooking and they discussed the plan first and talked about all the different steps and stuff. It gave a bit of a structure to their conversation and new things to think about. I wouldn't usually cook with my kids, but after reading that I thought, you know I might try it out. And I did! And it was great."

"I like being able to share things about us. Especially if it is helpful for other parents."

So why not try it out! 

"People love sharing their ideas with each other," Emma says. "Parents have awesome ideas. We should all be listening."

Faafetai lava to Fountain of Knowledge Trust and the teams at Counties Manukau Health and Ko Awatea at Counties Manukau Health

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