15% households with school aged children without internet access       39% of Aucklanders born overseas       82% of 18 year olds have NCEA Level 2       22% unemployment for 15-24 year olds       94.6% attend pre-school       1 in 4 children in poverty       79% pass NCEA Literacy in Yr 11       76% at or above national reading standards starting high school

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Whānau Ara Mua 2015

Growing more confident and skilled parents and stronger families


WAM brochure for parent
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Why family learning programmes matter

Educating parents is a key way to break cycles of educational disadvantage. 87% of the students at risk of not passing NCEA Level 2 have parents who don’t have qualifications.
This is why COMET Auckland continues to advocate for intergenerational family learning and why we own a tertiary qualification that focuses on families.


Whānau Ara Mua - Families facing forward

Whānau Ara Mua has been designed to help parents put learning and literacy consciously at the heart of family life.  Parents build their confidence and skills in four main areas:

  • Personal and Family Relationships
  • Children’s Learning and Development
  • Family Health and Wellbeing
  • Future Directions

Whānau Ara Mua is a year-long course, offered three day a week (9-2pm) during term time in the community.  Whānau Ara Mua is delivered by the Solomon Group.
For information about 2016 opportunities, contact Maree Kilkolly, Solomon Group Programme Manager: maree@solomongroup.co.nz  


Whānau Ara Mua targets tertiary priority learners

This year 198 students enrolled. 71% of the 126 who filled in the initial course survey were referred by Work and Income; 80% were on Single Parent Benefits.

The adults enrolled to help their children do better at school and to improve family relationships and partly to meet Work and Income obligations.

45% of those who filled in the pre-course survey did not have any school qualifications. Another 17% had only NCEA level 1 which is usually not enough to get meaningful and sustainable work. 31% had started tertiary study some other time but not finished it.
Those who have worked prior to enrolment have been in low income sectors - healthcare, cleaning, factory or retail work.


Whānau Ara Mua impacts on whole families, not just the adult student:

268 children lived with the 126 adult students who completed a pre-course survey.


Another successful year

75% successfully graduated with a Level 2 Certificate in Family Learning and Child Development.

Graduates get a tertiary qualification AND they change key parts of family life from the unique dual focus of Whānau Ara Mua - family learning and wellbeing and parent employability.

48% said they were going to find work, 39% were going to keep studying.

  • The parents’ confidence improves and they are better equipped to support their children.

  • Changing family aspirations is a big part of the change that takes place in families. The adults begin to set goals for themselves and have aspirations of different lives for their children.

  • Family relationships improve as a result of WAM










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