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Latest News

Our stakeholders on EdConvo18

 Great discussion and great ideas at our annual stakeholder consultation about COMET's future direction and where education and skills should be heading for Auckland and New Zealand. 

Thanks to everyone who came along. 

We also got some excellent contributions during the consultation workshop on the Education Conversation - Kōrero Mātauranga, which COMET’s chief executive Susan Warren then took along to the EdConvo18 summit in Auckland.

The Government’s extended the feedback deadline until 15th June. If you haven't submitted yet, why not check out our full stakeholders’ submission (pdf) then jump online to have your say? 

Here are some highlights:  

Q1.  If you were the boss of education in New Zealand, what would you do first?

Funding/Resources - Appropriate funding to ensure quality resources, provisions, teachers, learning resources, schools at all levels from ECE on and equity of resources. 

Look into funding, baseline: child vs location. Review of zoning system. Strengthen local schools so they are the schools of choice. Increase quality in public local schools. Remove government subsidies to private schools.

Make the connections between poverty and education more visible - Poverty is holding us back. Lunches/food provided by schools. Give all students free travel card, financial assistance.

Teachers - Pay increase/ Lift teachers' pay by at least 25% Equal value placed on ECE teachers including pay and conditions. Induction for overseas teachers.  

Bring back Te Kotahitanga. Training & support for teachers to build on children's culture. 

Schools/ECE centres -  Improvements in: ratios, group sizes, consistency of staffing, recognition of prof. status of staff(ECE staffing). More accountability for teachers, principals, boards (but not just student testing). 

Schools can't fix everything. Parents are partners of the schools. 

Provide more information to all on - Future of the working world. Focus on employability. 

More holistic approach to education. Support bilingual education, special needs education.


Q4.  What things need to be in place to make sure every learner is successful?

Make schools an exciting, safe and supportive place so they start and remain on their education journey. Happy teachers who feel good in their roles.

High calibre of teaching - strong facilitation, engaging, future focused, up to-date training.  

Learners need to feel they have a say in defining/redefining success throughout their lives.

An inclusive approach,interested in every learner journey equally. Individual contexts for learning, employment, contribution to society

Start early on learning resilience, positive attitudes, social skills. Experience. Have walked in other peoples’ shoes.  

Parent support. Families as "partners in learning". Intergenerational, reciprocal support.

Personal connections with good role models.

Conversations about aspirations that start early.  Opportunities to explore skills, interests and potential career/future pathways.