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Talking science and worm tea


December 2017 - Students from East Tāmaki School took centre stage to present their worm tea chemistry project at the annual Science Communicators Association of NZ conference in Auckland earlier this month.  

They described how the project looks at different kinds of waste that goes into their worm bins, and the effect on what comes out – the worm tea. They are testing the effect of different amounts of the worm tea on the school gardens.

Their presentation drew compliments from the audience of scientists and science communicators:


“Wow. Next stage is for the kids to test whether their worm tea can kill a nasty mite that lives in soil & kills livestock.”  –  Siouxsie Wiles, microbiologist and head of the Bioluminescent Superbugs Lab at the University of Auckland.

“Best reason I’ve heard for the need to ensure consistency and rigour in science trials: ‘To make it fair’, from Room 1 at East Tamaki School reporting on their worm wee vs fertiliser research.”  – Sarah Fraser, science communicator.


In a panel about the Participatory Science Platform, SouthSci manager Dr Sarah Morgan spoke of the impact it’s having in south Auckland. 

Scientists were typically seen as people who came to study them, she said, rather than as collaborators. SouthSci has helped to humanise scientists through the community-led projects.

You can see more about SouthSci and East Tāmaki School at SCANZ17 here.