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SouthSci - We go floundering


December 2017 - Our first iwi-led SouthSci project trialling a flounder hatchery to restock the Manukau Harbour, now has live fish in the tank.

Ngāti Pāoa and the Point England School members of the project went on a floundering mission to re-populate their tanks with baby fish for studying. 

The students have discovered that fish use up all the oxygen in water very quickly when there is either very little water or too many fish. This suffocation can make them die later on, even when they make it into the big tank.

The problem was solved this time by using specially-adapted chilly bins with a battery operated oxygen pump, to transfer the flounder from the net in the harbour to the big research tank at school.

The students also collected an impressive number of crabs and other sand-dwelling invertebrates (animals with an external skeleton) to introduce into the big research tank. They’ll provide a bit of an ecosystem – and a tasty flounder snack!

The students were joined by David Cooper from Aquaculture Services who explained the importance of testing the salinity of the tank water before transferring the fish.

Now there are fish in the big tank, which is housed in a shipping container at the school, students and the wider project team will begin collecting data on environment and growth measures.


Laura from Curious Minds joined us on the day. Check out her story He ika, he taonga: can nurseries help our fish?