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Latest News

Power of Talk in Māngere

July 2018 - A working group is being set up in Māngere to look at ways to encourage parents and teachers to talk more with with babies and toddlers.

It follows our very successful Talking Matters community fono at Southern Cross Campus.

The working group will explore how to promote more talk in “any and every language”, says Talking Matters project manager Emma Quigan.  

One idea is the Talanoa Kete (pictured above) developed by Le Malelega a le To'elau, a bilingual Samoan ECE under the Fountain of Knowledge Trust.

The basket goes home with students containing tips for family conversation starters and a notebook for recording what’s discussed. 

The working group will begin as a partnership between Talking Matters and Southern Cross Campus, and will include families, early childhood educators and teachers from neighbouring schools as well as interested members of the community.

“We have a whole of life focus, but are most interested in the early years,” Emma says. “So hapu through to first year or so of school.”

If you live or work in Māngere and would like to get involved, contact our Talking Matters team. All welcome. 

We had a wonderful evening at the Māngere community fono on the Power of Talk at Southern Cross Campus on 28th June.

More than 60 parents and teachers braved some horrible weather to join our Talking Matters campaign team and COMET's chief executive Susan Warren to hear about how talking with our babies and young children can set them up for school and life.

The guest speaker Dr Rae Si'ilata, University of Auckland lecturer in biliteracy, inspired the crowd. A few gems from her talk:

“Talking is more than words, it is more about the stories”

"Speak your own language, speak it to your children and get them to speak it back to you! Don't worry about English. Teach who you are and where you come from, your Samoa, your Fiji, your Maori stories."

"You don't have to become Palagi to become successful."

"Success means being successful in both worlds."

"All languages of our communities are important."

“Tell your own stories to your children.”

We also previewed our video made with Fountain of Knowledge Trust on the Power of Talanoa. 

All 100 of our Talanoa Kete starter packs - inspired by the video - were taken home by the end of the night! We will be sharing this video soon, so watch this space. 

A big thank you to Southern Cross Campus and Good Seed Trust for helping with the fono.

Again, if you live or work in Māngere and would like to get involved in our community-wide collaboration, contact our Talking Matters team. All welcome.