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School Leavers' Toolkit Update from MOE

May 2019

The School Leavers’ Toolkit – Key Information

The School Leavers’ Toolkit schools-facing website is now available at www.school-leavers-toolkit.tki.org.nz. The website has a sorting tool that helps schools find resources to support the teaching and learning of key workplace competencies, civics education and financial capability for students in years 7 – 13. The resources linked to through the sorting tool were identified during a stocktake carried out in 2018. While all the resources linked to from the website have been mapped to the appropriate curriculum level, we are currently developing a more comprehensive quality control and quality assurance process for resources. We will advise all providers who currently have resources linked from the website of this process prior to evaluation. 


The website is an information tool only, it is entirely up to schools and kura which resources they choose to use. Linking to a resource or programme from the website is not a Ministry of Education endorsement of that product or programme.  


In the second half of 2018 we engaged with staff and students from 14 schools and kura to better understand what young people wanted in a School Leavers’ Toolkit and how schools were already working to deliver learning that supports students to transition into life beyond school. We drafted a School Leavers Toolkit Engagement Report summarising our findings and identifying what we think are the key enablers of a whole of school transitions programme.   


The School Leavers’ Toolkit schools-facing website will continue to evolve to include guidance, resources and supports to help schools and kura integrate Toolkit learning into their local curricula in both English and Māori medium.  


Our work to date 

  1. During 2018 we held a range of workshops across the country involving 75 students, 24 school and kura staff and 30 employers. The feed-back we received from students was that they considered mental health and wellbeing education should be a critical component of the Toolkit.  
  2. We rounded the Phase I engagement off with a Capstone Hui in Auckland at the end of March with employers, parents, tertiary education organisations and students aged 16-24. At the Hui we reflected on the engagement insights and defined what a successful Toolkit will look like for each user group. The output from this Hui is currently being compiled and we will share it once it becomes available
  3. We completed a stocktake of the English medium programmes and resources currently available to support Toolkit learning.
  4. The School Leavers’ Toolkit schools-facing website is now available at www.school-leavers-toolkit.tki.org.nz.Through this website we will share tools, guidance, links to resources and updates on the Toolkit development process.
  5. Planning is also underway for the Toolkit’s student-facing website, which will be available in English and te reo Māori. The student website will be available from mid-2019.
  6. To support the civics education component of the Toolkit, we set up a civics working group, bringing together representatives from government agencies, resource providers, civil society, organisations and experts. 

In 2019 we will focus on 

  1. Building on the work we did in 2018 by engaging extensively with ākonga Māori, kaiako and whānau in a range of education settings. From this we will develop a stocktake of Māori medium resources, a gap analysis and recommendations report to inform Toolkit curriculum integration guidelines for Māori medium educators. 
  2. Engaging with parents, whanau and employers.
  3. Intensive co-design work with a small number of schools to document Toolkit case studies and test prototypes.