15% households with school aged children without internet access       39% of Aucklanders born overseas       82% of 18 year olds have NCEA Level 2       22% unemployment for 15-24 year olds       94.6% attend pre-school       1 in 4 children in poverty       79% pass NCEA Literacy in Yr 11       76% at or above national reading standards starting high school

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Talking Matters





Our vision - every Auckland child, regardless of their background, has the listening and speaking skills they need to thrive.

Talking Matters Update!

Exciting new changes for Talking Matters. We have announced our new partnership with the NEXT Foundation, who are supporting us through the next phase. We have a new website launched: Talking Matters 

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Why Talking Matters

Oral language is linked to education and life success. A significant percentage of Kiwi children start school without strong oral skills, and are at an immediate and potentially long-lasting disadvantage. A lack of oral language is a key contributor to the schooling achievement gap.

The whole community has a part to play in making sure our children are surrounded by language and literacy, so they get a great start. Families, family-focused services, educators and the community have important parts to play so all children become confident and enthusiastic young communicators who are ready for school.

Talking Matters is a Learning Auckland initiative. Learning Auckland is  a cross-sector initiative to improve education outcomes  across the city ‘cradle to career’

The Learning Auckland leadership table has identified Talking Matters as their first major initiative, recognising the transformational potential of this project for Auckland and the  national impact.


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