Nau mai, haere mai

Welcome to COMET Auckland - Te Hononga Akoranga.

We are an Auckland Council-controlled organisation and a not-for-profit.

We address the areas of greatest educational needs from early childhood to life-long learning in your community. We identify significant hurdles and work with the education sector and others to change the system to create more equitable learning pathways for all. We currently lead six main initiatives.

Our Initiatives

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This month marks the 20th year of COMET Auckland - Te Hononga Akoranga. We are celebrating 20 years of championing change in diverse areas, such as financial literacy, ECE provision, youth transition and intergenerational learning. Our vision is everyone has the right to shine and realise their dreams through lifelong learning. To do this the power of weaving people together for the greater good underpins our work.

To help commemorate COMET’s 20th we have taken to our social media featuring staff, board and key stakeholders talking about why they are involved with COMET, using a photo and story from their past. Make sure you check it out our Facebook page.

We welcome you to read our Annual Report here

Thanks The AM Show for helping to spread the Talking Matters NZ campaign. Emma Quigan, Talking Matters Communiity Activator & TM Coach Ariana Kahui talked about the power of korero with babies! Check out the Talking Matters Facebook page for more details.